Retirement planning

Most people spend days and weeks to plan their next holiday, but they seldomly think about retirement, let alone planning a roadmap for their own retirement. One of the reasons that people put it off is that it seems hard and complicated. It involves knowledge of superannuation legislation, age pension and investments. However, like anything in life, having a good plan and a clear roadmap can always save you time, money and achieve your goals faster.

As financial advisers, we can help you plan your retirement, whether you are too young to retire, or even if you have already retired.

We understand everyone is unique. We will sit down and spend time to discuss with you what your comfortable retirement would look like and what you would need to achieve this goal. Some of questions we will discuss with you would be:

Some of questions we will discuss with you would be:

  • What does your comfortable retirement look like?
  • How much money do you need for retirement?
  • What are the strategies to boost your retirement savings?
  • What are the strategies to maximise your age pension entitlement when you reach the required age?

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