Life is uncertain,
          But careful planning can reduce your level of risk!

We are passionate about insurance and we believe what insurance can do about people’s lives! Like in the medical profession, there are doctors who specialise in a particular field of medicine. When it comes to financial advice, we are the specialists in insurance, because we have done it more than 10 years!

We believe that achieving financial freedom is not a get rich quick scheme. It is through sound and long-term financial planning. Based on your individual circumstances and your tolerance to risk, we can provide advice on your investment, superannuation and retirement planning. This will help you achieve a better financial future!


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those who seek financial planning advice, and commit to working with us.  We understand that every individual is different and there is no one solution to fit them all. We provide tailor advice to suit to individual’s needs. We act on your best interest and treat you honestly and professionally. We offer you good advices and challenge you to achieve your goals, and most importantly we support you through difficult times.